DaVinci Resolve 17 Bot

Ask Questions about how to edit your videos.

  • How can I use curves for primary grading?

  • How do I isolate areas with Power Windows?

  • What's the fastest tool to edit quick videos?

Creating Bot Part 1

Segment & Strategize: Chop that content into digestible sections. Craft focused question-answer pairs like:

"question": "How do I refine visuals using scopes in software?",
"answer": "Leverage tools like Waveform, Parade, Vectorscope, and Histogram to objectively dissect and refine the image data."

Goal: At least 8 of these per page. This manual ended up with 3,056 embeds!

Deep Dive & Chunk: Navigate the content again. Extract small, meaningful sections. Example:

"text": Checking Adjustments on Scopes
As an objective way to evaluate adjustments made while color correcting, DaVinci Resolve includes five video signal scopes. You can use the Waveform, Parade, Vectorscope, Histogram, and CIE scopes to check a clip’s luminance, exposure, hue, saturation and color space.

We’ll start by making a few adjustments to a clip based on our eyes and the monitor we are using. Then we’ll look at our adjustments on a scope.
Click the clip 03 thumbnail to move to that clip.
Just based on what you see in the viewer (or on your full-screen display, if you have one connected), adjust the Lift, Gamma, and Gain master wheels to set your shadows, midtones, and highlights until the contrast looks correct to you.
Adjust the Gain color balance control to remove any inaccurate color tint that appears in this shot’s white highlights (if you think there are any).
Now, we’ll look at our adjustments more objectively by using a scope. The scope will also guide us with any additional adjustments we make.

Goal: At least 3 of these per page.

Breakdown of process