Hi, I'm John, a product person

Currently exploring AI 🤖

I Started My Journey at Champlain College

Robot UX for Accessibility: Designed and refined the user experience of a robotic assistant, focusing on enhancing communication for deaf individuals, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and technological innovation.

Museum UX Design: Played a pivotal role in the conceptualization and user experience design of a new museum exhibit, blending interactive media and educational content to create a captivating visitor experience.

Graphic Design for College Events: Created compelling graphic design materials for college fairs and expos, effectively communicating the college's brand and engaging a diverse audience.

Web Application Project Management: Managed the development of a web application from conception to launch, coordinating cross-functional teams, overseeing timelines, and ensuring the project aligned with strategic goals.

Third-Party Vendor Management: Coordinated with external vendors for specialized design elements, ensuring seamless integration of outsourced components and maintaining high standards of quality and consistency in project deliverables.

Then Moved to RTX

Defense System Interface Design: Developed intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for complex defense systems at Raytheon, improving operational efficiency and reducing user error in high-stakes environments.

Stakeholder Engagement and Requirements Analysis: Collaborated closely with defense stakeholders to deeply understand their unique needs and challenges, ensuring the delivery of design solutions that precisely met operational requirements.

Rapid Prototyping and Testing: Skilled in the rapid creation of prototypes and mock-ups for advanced defense systems, facilitating quick iteration and feedback from military experts and technical teams.

User-Centered Design Research: Conducted in-depth research and analysis to understand the specific user behaviors and needs within the defense sector, ensuring that designs were both practical and effective in real-world scenarios.

Compliance with Defense Standards: Ensured all product designs adhered strictly to military standards and guidelines, including security, durability, and operational efficiency requirements.

Integration of Advanced Technologies: Specialized in incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI into product designs, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of defense systems.

Innovative Problem Solving: Utilized a creative and analytical approach to tackle complex design challenges in the defense industry, resulting in innovative solutions that significantly improved system performance and user experience.

Some Freelance Projects

User Experience Design: Conceptualized and implemented user-centric designs for a variety of clients, enhancing usability and user satisfaction across multiple digital platforms.

Client Collaboration and Consultation: Partnered with clients to understand their vision and requirements, delivering tailored UX solutions that align with their business goals and user needs.

Wireframing and Prototyping: Created detailed wireframes and prototypes to visualize design concepts, facilitating effective client communication and iterative feedback.

User Research and Testing: Conducted comprehensive user research and usability testing to gather insights and inform design decisions, ensuring a data-driven approach to UX design.

Accessibility and Inclusion: Focused on designing accessible and inclusive user interfaces, adhering to WCAG guidelines and best practices.

Generative AI Development: Specialized in creating and implementing generative AI models for diverse applications, delivering innovative solutions that enhanced client projects with advanced machine learning and AI-driven content generation capabilities.

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― Work experience
Product Designer | Champlain College

August 2018 - August 2020

― Education
Champlain College

Master of Science in Product Design | 2018 - 2020

University of Vermont

Bachelor in Computer Science | 2014 - 2018

― certifications
Google Cybersecurity

Google | 2023

Product Designer | RTX

September 2020 - Present